About Us

For a long time now I have envisioned being part of a sisterhood. A group of empowered, strong, rooting for one another, standing tall, confident, supportive, powerful women. Us women need an empowered circle in our everyday life and need to stray away from the negative energies. I love to see women succeeding, complimenting and uplifting one another, inspiring each other. For this reason I created Emperacee. It started with ideas of inspiring quotes, to apparel. Now I am a licensed esthetician and certified body sculptor helping women build confidence with a little glam up and self-care. 

Growth is becoming the best version of yourself. Lets seek knowledge, teach, empower, and uplift all women.

The name Emperacee was created with actuality that Women are Empresses and Aces. We are distinguished and stand in excellence. Therefore, empress and ace create Emperacee. Pronunciation is [em-per-es].